Influence of Perceived Organizational Injustice on Workplace Alienation among Nursing Staff during COVID-19 Pandemic

Document Type : Original Article


1 Tanta University

2 Lecturer of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University


Background: During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, healthcare organizations are still fighting to retain nursing staff by reducing intense workload and sustaining workplace justice in order to avoid nursing staff burnout, turnover, and alienation. Aim: This research aimed to identify the influence of perceived organizational injustice on workplace alienation among nursing staff during COVID-19. Design: A descriptive, correlational research design was utilized to achieve the aim of the study. Settings: It was conducted in intensive care units (ICUs) and inpatient wards for males and females at Tanta Main University Hospital and Al-Minshawi General Hospital. Subjects: It contained a convenience sampling of 508 nursing staff. Tools: It compromised two instruments; the first tool, entitled perceived organizational injustice, which included socio-demographic data of nursing staff and four dimensions of distributive, procedural, informational, and interpersonal injustice (20 items). The second tool, entitled workplace alienation factors, contained three factors of powerlessness, self-estrangement, and meaninglessness (29 items). Results: This research showed that the overall nursing staff's perceptions of organizational injustice and workplace alienation were significantly high. The dimensions of organizational injustice were positively correlated with all the factors of workplace alienation. Conclusion: It verified that the dimensions of organizational injustice were discovered to have a substantial impact on the predicted variance of workplace alienation among nursing staff. Recommendations: This research recommended that hospital administrators need to state a clear grievance procedure, as well as nursing researchers, need to conduct a longitudinal study or qualitative study to assess the consequences of organizational injustice and workplace alienation.